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Review and Analysis

We analyze your child or patient’s clinical data to understand how their rare disorder impacts them, and presents challenges in their daily life.  Our reports can be used to guide further treatment, or adopt new approaches to treating the underlying rare disorder.  Our approach broadly encompasses the following steps:


What you get

Our Rare Disease Consulting Review and Analysis service is designed to provide comprehensive insight into a child or patient's medical history. We provide an in-depth review of their clinical record, including test results, symptom development, and health evaluations. Our review culminates in a detailed summary report with specific recommendations for trials or further approaches that should be explored.

Our reports are typically used by clinicians who are struggling to maintain patients on successful treatment regimens.  We make use of the underlying molecular biology of rare diseases provided in research and clinical studies, to evaluate current and future treatment approaches and provide insights into their potential benefits for children with rare diseases.

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